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Lab Services

Picture of a microscope sitting on top of a table in a Lab.
Picture of a microscope sitting on top of a table in a Lab.

CCH congratulates its dedicated staff for serving our community with excellent quality lab results. The lab provides approximately 70-80% of the diagnostic data used for accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment.

The Clinical Laboratory provides care to our patients by providing preventive and diagnostic analysis of all specimens of the human body.
From the results of these diagnostic tests, your healthcare provider can provide appropriate treatment before, during, and after diagnosis of most health problems. Most of the diagnostic testing performed in the Clinical Laboratory is provided to our outpatient clients; therefore, we strive to provide accurate and timely results to your healthcare provider. State Law requires that all testing must be ordered by your healthcare provider or the judicial system, so please bring with you any order or instructions from your doctor so that the lab staff can provide your testing in a timely and accurate manner. The staff is very caring and knowledgeable concerning the collection of specimens and clinical testing and is eager to assist physicians and their patients with any questions or concerns the patients may have. The staff has a personal interest in their patients and "go the extra miles" to provide excellent service and care, even during difficult specimen collections.

Often blood specimens must be taken from the arm (phlebotomy) to provide adequate specimens for testing. The procedure is usually performed without problems and involves only minimal discomfort. The staff will provide every available talent to make your visit as pleasant as possible and are very considerate of all patients individual needs and concerns. They are willing to answer any questions you may have concerning tests and procedures that your physician may order before, during, or after your visit. The staff, however, must refer you to our Medical Records department or your healthcare provider for copies of your test results and their interpretation. Please feel free to contact the department should you need additional information. The main laboratory phone number is 270-965-1058.

There is a good website that you can go to and look up more information about lab tests. The site can tell you what the test is for and how the sample is taken from the patient. It's called Lab Tests Online. Look up more information about your lab tests at:

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